Flex Cordless Machine


The Flex XFE Cordless Orbital Polisher is a free-spinning, 15 mm throw polisher that will easily remove swirls, imperfections, scratches and more from your paint. It’s time to CUT THE CORD!

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If you have polished your vehicle in the past, dealing with a cord falling down and hitting the paint that you just polished is a big issue. This cordless polisher is the answer.

With an average run time of 35-45 minutes depending on the user this very powerful, balanced polisher will deliver the results you would expect out of any Flex Polisher. It takes about 30 minutes for the second battery to charge so you will never be unable to polish because you’re waiting for a battery to charge.

Kit Includes:
Flex XFE 150 Cordless Polisher- 1
5 Amp Battery- 2
Smart Charger- 1


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