Fabric Guard Protectant


Jax Wax Fabric Guard is a penetrating protectant that bonds to fabric providing an invisible protective barrier. FabricGuard will repel water, spots and stains from most fabrics including convertible tops, cloth seats, carpet, furniture etc. It will also make the cleaning process of the fabric much easier.

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For best results apply to clean, dry fabric. Spray 1st coat in left to right motion only but Do Not Soak Fabric.
Let it dry for at least 15-20 minutes.
Then apply the 2nd coat in a up & down motion.
Again Do Not Soak Fabric.….Then let to  dry …
When you  apply Fabric Guard in a overlapping pattern it ensures an  even coverage to your fabric.
Do not soak product into the fabric.
Once coverage is sufficient let dry to the touch.
Avoid spraying non fabric areas.

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